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1. Have fun.
2. No round stalling. You’ve got to move and either escape or pursue your team goal or we will kill you.
3. No teaming unless it benefits both teams involved. Chaos can team with SCP but not if there’s only D-Class Left. MTF cannot team with scps at all unless to kill a rule breaker, etc.
4. No severe trolling. Only a little bit of trolling. This means friendly fire, griefing with SCP items, regressing round progress by turning off generators, etc.
5A. No KOSing D-Class as MTF unless you know they have a weapon and get NO AUDIBLE SURRENDER. Always provide an attempt for surrender. You're allowed to count down from 5 for cooperation before shooting as well.</color>
5B. YOU CANNOT KILL ANY CUFFED D-CLASS OR SCIENTISTS PERIOD. The mod team will be immediately notified if so. Any roles you cuff have to have an escort attempt. Do not try to loophole this by purposefully ignoring them please.</color>
6. No discrimination of any kind!!! Any of that yapping is a quick and easy trip to DATA EXPUNGED town.
7. Don’t be Toxic and take everything personally. We’re a transparent server and just wanna make sure everyone has a good time.
8. No intentional SCP/Human role suicide. If you’re not happy about your role at least go directly into the front lines instead of bringing the rest of your team down.
9. No Godmode or Unreachable spots. This includes above gate entrances. If you’re caught up there and don’t get down we will actually torture you.
10. Most Importantly, no hacking. Doing this will get you IP banned and have a Global Report sent to Northwood.


1. SCPSwap (Lets you swap SCPS with another SCP)
2. Healthinfo (Health in player name for team members)
3. RespawnTimer (Displays respawn time and tickets, as well as warhead status)
4. AutoNuke Revamped (Automatically activates the warhead 20-25 minutes depending on player couunt)
5. AutoBroadcast (Provides a welcome message when you join the server :>)
6. RoundMVP (Shows cool stats via broadcast of the highlights of each round!)
7. CandyUtilities
8. EffectKeeper (Keeps your SCP-207, Hat usage, and SCP-1853 status effects whenever you escape!)
9. AntiZombieSuicide (Prevents Zombies from suiciding through void and tesla gates)
10. KillLogs (Admin Discord Log Tool)
11. AdminTools (Custom Admin Commands)
12. DiscordIntegration (Connects our server to a cool discord bot)
13. CedMod (Our main choice for a great mod logging tool)

Our rules and plugins are condensed and simplified here for easy reading. For the in-depth explanation of rules, join our server.

Our mod team is transparent and will side with the public on fair play always. If you enjoy our server and come back, and consider joining our discord community!

Last Updated 10-29-23