[UK/EU] SCP Nexus

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Please follow our rules:
1. Respect others. Don't harass or bully anyone.
2. No cheating. Cheating ruins the game for others and will get you banned.
3. Follow server-specific rules. Make sure you read and understand any additional rules.
4. No team killing. Killing your own team is not allowed, including as an SCP.
5 No Loud Soundboards. Avoid using soundboards with loud noises communication.
6. No inappropriate content. Don't share anything obscene, offensive, or harmful.
7. No impersonation of staff. Don't pretend to a staff member.
8 Follow moderators' instructions. They're there to help.
9. No metagaming. Don't use outside knowledge to gain an unfair advantage. Excluding Moderators.
10. 13+ only. You must be 13 or older to play.
11. No loopholes. Don't try to find ways around the rules.
12. English only. Use English so everyone can understand.
13. Only Chaos Insurgents can team with SCPs, but you may make deals, but if it is just TEAMING you will be warned.

Please follow these so you do not get banned!!