Chainfire's SCP Server

<size=25>Server info:

Port: 7801
Location: Florida, United States.
Discord (opens app): Click Here
Discord (opens browser): Click Here

[1] It's a game after all, so be nice. Don't complain if you get kicked for acting toxic or disrespectful
[2] Team kill is not be tolerated. (<color=#00B090>CI Spy and SCP-035 is the only exception.)</color>
[3] Hacking/Modding is not tolerated and will earn you a BAN!
[4] Doing stuff to lag the server will earn you an automatic temporary ban!
[5] <color=purple>Admin have the final say. If you want to report an Admin do so in the discord. <size=50%>(link above)

<size=20>[Server Mods / Tips]</size=20>
- Players can spawn in late, up to 60 seconds after the round has started
- Special/Custom weapons include: Shotgun, Sniper, TranquilizerGun, Grenade launcher, and Defibrillator.
VOTE-KICK! Users above level 10: To start a vote-kick press [`] or [~] to open console and enter ".votekick (name)"
You can upgrade cards and guns by holding them in SCP-914, and you can also change yourself

<size=15>Staff reserve the right to mute, change class of, kick, teleport, or ban players that break the above rules or any other rules we set (Check Discord for more info). If you think you've been judged wrongly or have any complaints, suggestions or questions, visit discord</size=15>