JackInTheBox Community

- Hosted in EU.
- Friendly fire is enabled/disabled randomly, check the server title.
- IP: itsgamertime.xyz
- Intercom max speech time is 25 seconds and the cooldown is 120 seconds.

Discord Link: https://discord.gg/eqgk3rQ

1) No disrespect is tolerated at all (no offensive names, no racism, no discrimination).
2) No teaming unless they are cuffed.
3) Use common sense, don't try to find loopholes.
4) Please only use English.
5) Don't delay the round.
6) Don’t mic-spam in spectator, intercom or radio
7) Listen to staff at all times.
8) No team-killing is allowed at any time.

= JackInTheBox Community Streamer Requirements =

1- Be a well known member of this community/be relatively active in the community.
2- Have at least 10 viewers per stream.
3- Have at least 30 followers.
4- Have a ban/restriction record on the server/community that's as clean as possible.