{Rule #1 Do not KoS D-Class Personnel}
Killing D-Class on sight as a(n) [MTF|Guard|Scientist] without proper justification is prohibited.
The following conditions validate the termination of D-Class personnel.
Visibly wielding weaponry
Visibly wielding hazardous anomalous materials [SCP-268|SCP-018]
Attempting to escape detainment
Attempting to free other detained personnel
Disregarding orders

Examples of Valid Orders
“Empty your hands and turn around or I will shoot. 3, 2, 1.”
“Hurry up.” “Keep up the pace.”
“Move away from 914.”

{Rule #2 Streamer Safe Profanity}
Any profanity that may put an offense on a streamer’s channel is prohibited.
All other profanity is allowed.

If you are unsure of what you can and cannot say, please consult
“Hateful Conduct and Harassment”

{Rule #3 Excessive Toxicity}
Mild smack-talk is perfectly fine, however, verbal harassment is unacceptable.
Just because another individual is part of a different team does not mean they are still not a
human being. Treat them accordingly.

{Rule #4 Same-Team-Trolling}
The following actions are prohibited against players of the same team.
Intentionally closing doors to hinder movement
Stalling elevators
Inhibiting usage of SCP-914
Leading SCP-939 to hiding members of the same team
Teaming with an SCP as Chaos Insurgency to kill other Chaos Insurgents

The following groupings are considered team(s).
[D-Class|Chaos Insurgency]

{Rule #5 Round Stalling}
The following actions are unacceptable.
Camping on the surface for longer than 180 seconds as any role except Chaos Insurgency.
AFKing in an inaccessible room (just disconnect)

{Rule #6 Micspam}
Micspam is allowed in the following conditions.
Local Chat (Q)
SCP-079 Speakers
Micspam is prohibited in the following conditions.
Radio Chat (V)
SCP Chat (Q)

Earrape Micspam, regardless of the conditions, is prohibited and will result in a timed server mute under the discretion of the administration. Repeated offenses will result in penalization.

{Rule #7 SCP Teaming}
Chaos Insurgency may team with SCPs if there are no remaining D-Class Personnel.
Under any other circumstance or role, teaming with SCPs will result in penalization.