No harassing staff or asking them to do things for you.
Please be at least 13 years old to play on this server.
No spawn-killing MTF or chaos regardless of class.
KoS of d-class and scientists is not allowed, unless armed visibly or they show no cooperation.
Regardless of your race, racial slurs are not allowed and will result in a ban. (All variations of the slur(s) apply)
Cussing is allowed.
MTF/Guards cannot team with SCPs
Mic spam and ear-rape is not allowed on universal (intercom, death chat, radio) chats.
DISCLAIMER: Admins may mess around/play around with people by spawning items, events, etc.
Please consider leaving notes on staff. (what are we doing that you like, dislike?)
You are allowed to go on the intercom and choose the theme of the next game for ex. (roleplay, admin event, and anything you come up with if you come up with it explain it please).
All health is normal.
If you want an admin find one, go on the intercom, or go on the discord and ask for one.(DO NOT ABUSE USE IF YOU NEED ONE OF US OR IF YOU WANT TO REPORT SOMEONE)
For more info or questions join the discord.