Hello! Welcome to Dr. Kasude's facility! We hope to be a fun and inviting server for all players on SCP Secret Laboratory. We are a purely vanilla server, with occasional events being hosted by our moderation staff. Below will be a link to our Discord and our set of rules, which we urge you to read.

Click me to join the Discord!


1- Sabotage
Intentionally teamkilling in any form is strictly prohibited. This includes asking enemies to kill teammates for you, killing cuffed individuals, using teammates as sacrifices, etc.
2- Harassment
Any form of harassment, toxicity, and discrimination, including verbally assaulting or targeting other players because of their race, age, gender identity, sexuality, religion, etc., will not be allowed under any circumstances.
3: Exploiting
Cheating or exploiting is strictly prohibited.
4: Cross-teaming
Cross-teaming is not allowed unless it is with Chaos and SCP.
5: Voice Chat
Micspamming loud or annoying sounds over voice chat (intercom, spectator) is not allowed. If you are going to play sounds, keep it quiet.
6: Suicide
Suiciding or leaving the match to avoid playing for a team you don't want to play for is not allowed.
7: Common sense
If you think it's dumb or not allowed, don't do it.
8 -Loopholes
Trying to find a loophole within a rule is prohibited.
9: Trapping
Trapping individuals within areas they cannot leave is not allowed. After 5 minutes, DM a moderator, and they will let you out.

10: Camping
Camping in areas such as NTF and Chaos is not allowed. Camping in other areas, such as the warhead, is allowed as long as the game is not being held up.

Moderators hold the right to kick or ban someone for any reason if they feel it affects the server negatively. If a problem occurs with this, please open a ticket on the Discord server.