Welcome to the UK Lab server!
To ensure a fun experience for everyone here are some rules to follow!

1. The usage of any Hack Clients is prohibited and will be punished with a perma ban.

2. Harasment or discrimination in any kind is prohibited.

3. The usage of racial slurs and slurs in general will get you banned depending on the slur.

4. Do not sabotage your own Team (example: Klling other SCPs as 079)

5. Everyone in the server has the right to be respected.

6. Listen to the orders that staff are providing.

7. Do not team with other teams, the teaming between MTF and SCP, D-Class and SCP, Scientist and SCP are prohibited and should be avoided, unless a deal has been made to avoid each other for now. Teaming between Chaos and SCP is fine as of now.

8. Do not shoot cuffed personnel.

9. Earraping is not allowed, the usage of a soundboard is allowed, however not if it's an earrape.

10. Follow the Terms of services, example being 13+ etc.

Enjoy your stay at UK Labs!

If you want more updates join our discord server <color=blue> here!