The Viking's Longboat

Welcome to the Viking's Longboat! Here are some rules for this server, if you catch anyone breaking them please report them using the in game report feature, contact us in our <a href=https://discord.gg/Ps3Ytcwzyz>discord server</a> with video evidence, or email with video evidence!

1. Don't be toxic. It's a game, relax!

2. If someone is detained, you are not permitted to shoot them unless they are not following orders. This rule is void if an enemy team is approaching both the detained and detainer.

3. Do not abuse glitches or bugs to reach areas you are not intended to be in.

4. Temporary teaming is allowed.

5. Do not use slurs or derogatory speech.

6. Soundboards and music are allowed but only through proximity chat and the intercom.

7. Friendly Fire is enabled but not allowed unless it is due to pink candy, cross fire or funny situations.

There will be plenty of admin and owner tomfoolery. Just a quick warning ahead of time!

Contact email: [email protected]
Discord: <a href=https://discord.gg/Ps3Ytcwzyz>https://discord.gg/Ps3Ytcwzyz</a>