The Scuut

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If you have any questions you can contact the owner on discord: ScuutScuutLucas#4079


1. Don't be toxic, for example excessively closing doors on teammates is not allowed.
2. You are not allowed to play music / use soundboard over radio, spectator chat, intercom and SCP chat, but it is allowed in proximity chat.
3. Discrimination and Racism is not tolerated.
4. Only talk English don't speak other languages.
5. No ban/mute evading, Don't use alts to evade a mute or a ban.
6. Don't use hack clients, any way of unfair advantage will be punished.
7. Teaming is not allowed, only Chaos Insurgency may team with SCPs.
8. Killing a cuffed person without a reason is not allowed, you are allowed to kill them if they don't consent.
9. Indirect team killing is not allowed.
10. Use common sense.
11. Steam guidelines must be followed, this means you need to be at least 13 years old to play on this server.