If you don't have VC, you need to set up your own environment.
The following are prohibited acts
Abusive or offensive language to others
Making noise in voice chat.
Pointless friendly fire (slaughtering allies, etc.) (Do not return FFs if you get one)
4. Play that does not fit the roleplay
5. No-go zones: above server room servers, above lockers, above SCP106 holding cells, above fences (upper level & ground level)
Don't talk about meta stuff (If you ask "Can I talk about meta stuff? If you are allowed to talk about meta stuff, you may.)
2. Use of sound pads is allowed, but please observe the following precautions
Keep the volume at an optimal level.
If it's funny, it's okay.
Please make sure to RP.
discordlink https://discord.gg/nEEJVYHwJA
You may contact the server owner at O5-15hanpen#4424 on discord.