1. Cheat on the server I'll cheat on your mom and she'll be sad about it

2. Please keep conversions under the rules of Twitch TOS and don't threaten to do really bad things

3. Do not be racist or homophobic or disrespectful to any groups of people

4. Not take this game to seriously and don't be toxic

5. Respect the mods and admins and The Meme man. Bully the trial mods all you want

6. No micspam on radio, intercom and pre game lobby

7. Do not try promoting your own SCP SL server

8. No teaming with scps if you are mtf or science (d-class can negotiate)

9. No camping or pro longing the match. I'll make sure of it

10. Dont kill cuffed d-bois because its a pain to deal with

11. Address DR TEEF as dr maid or dr man sir the third or even sir dr teef sir

12. Dont ask for power or to become god, but we will give you a taste if you are lucky cuz we are bored

13. Vibe or I'll vibe check ya

14. Apple juice is better than orange juice