<size=20>Please don't delay the round as it will take forever to end the round.

<size=20>Please no slurs all I got to say.

<size=20>If an SCP decides to show mercy, if they want to, <color=red>but the human has 10sec to get somewhere safe before the SCP can go after them. If, however, the SCP refuses to follow the 10sec rule they will be warned due to not following it.

<size=20>No Mic-spam is allowed in spectator chat. However, They can Mic spam if people start to enjoy it.

<size=20>Chaos may team with the SCP's as long as it does not delay the round this is up to the SCP's. It is not required but it is optional.

<size=20>Guards, Scientists etc. May not kill cuffed ClassD on sight unless they are running away. ClassD can kill Scientists Ect.

<size=20>If you see an admin abusing, please Report this either to me or any other staff and they will be dealt with.

<size=20>Scp914 Teleport - Has a 50% chance to teleport the player to a random location. If the setting is on Coarse.

<size=20>Scp914 class change - Putting the setting on OnetoOne has a 100% chance to change the classD to a Scientist.

<size=20>Scp914 having the setting put on OnetoOne has a chance to swap your class to another SCP except for 079.

<size=20>914 can swap zombie to d-class this plugin is temporarily unless people start complaining.