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1. Don't steal item in the upgrader
2. Don't be a d*ck
3. Use common sense
4. listen to Staff members
5. Don't avoid punishment
6. Don't Team with teams you are not supposed to team with

Being unaware of these rules will not keep you save from punishment.
Breaking these rules will result in a warning, kick and/or ban.

- You can change your SCP in the beginning of the round by using .scpswap (number)
- There is a Tranquilizer gun that can tranquilize players
- There is a small chance that serpants hand will spawn.
Serpents hand will help the SCP's kill everyone else
- WATCH OUT! Any Item could be SCP 035!
If you pick up 035 you will join the SCP team.
- Larry can stalk! Watch the floor below you!.

Have fun!
- The Langunity Team