Welcome to the KleptoManiacs!</font>
We have a few simple rules we want you to follow to ensure happiness amongst our player base!

Server Location: Los Angeles, California, United States

Server Owner: TheDrunkenSovietCat#0001

Join our Discord! Here is the clickable link! --> TheKleptoManiacs

Plugin List and descriptions are listed at the bottom of the page!

1) No NSFW Content. (e.x. Music with the N-Word, Ram Ranch, Lolicon *shudders* we don't want the FBI kicking down our door)

2) Do not bother staff if it is not required.

3) No links or websites that could potentially harm someone. (e.x. a virus or .zip bomb)

4) No Racial or Homophobic slurs or propaganda. (Communist Propaganda is always allowed lmao)

5) Teamkilling can result in a ban.
Exceptions to this rule are if someone;
-Shuts more than 3 doors
-Shoots your detainee
-Tries to get you killed (ex. shutting you in a room with an SCP)
-Revenge Teamkill is allowed to a certain extent
(Note: You can revenge TK someone as the next respawn or next round however after a 3 new respawns/rounds it will be invalid)

6) Do not attempt to rejoin with an alt. Your alt and main will both be permabanned. (We do IP Bans here :3)

7) Do not advertise.

8) Staff have the final say in any situation. (Can be challenged by DMing TheDrunkenSovietCat#0001 on Discord)

9) Do not impersonate staff.

10) Do not break the Discord or Steam TOS.

11) No Harassment. (Of Players and Staff alike)
Stream Sniping will be considered as Harassment

12) Hacking/Exploiting is untolerated! If you are found hacking in our servers you will be banned permanently from our server and globally banned from SCP:SL by Northwood GMods

13) Delaying the round by camping is not allowed

14 <b>You cannot team with SCPs as a Target (ex. MTF, Facility Guard, Scientists, ClassD)

Note: Scientists can team with Chaos as they can be disarmed and changed teams same applies with ClassD

There are more rules listed here (clickable)

-Better049 (Soul decay timer, lets 049 talk by holding V)
-Better106 (Lets you stalk people by double-clicking portal create)
-Buddy (So you can play with your friends as the same class!)
-ChopperDrop (Provides supplies to people on the surface near MTF Spawn)
-KleptoMania (Lets you screenshot a message to prove you have been Teamkilled so you can report them to staff)
-Peanut Fucking Explodes (quite self-explanatory)
-Rainbow Tags (For Owner and Tier 5 Patreons ONLY)
-Remote Keycard (Lets you open locked doors without having to hold your keycard!)
-SCPSwap (At the beginning of a match it lets you swap SCPs with others!)
-StayShut (Automatically closes Armory doors)
-Tranquilizer (If you shoot someone with it they will be knocked unconscious for a max of 6 seconds)
[Popular Plugins are highlighted in Green]