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1. GRU-P. A custom team with neutral relations to every other human faction, their only hostile faction are SCPs. 25% chance to replace a spawn wave.

2. MLGDogememe.
- Disables 079 from spawning naturally
- Allows you to break doors by shooting them enough
- Coins have a special interaction with doors
- Adds a separate coin that can spawn in SCP lockers that grants or takes health
- Lets you keep effects after escaping
- Gives Hume when wearing armor
- Replaces SCPs with an armed zombie when there is 8 or less players.(actually it is set to "3" right now, since ArmedZombies doesn't exist D:)

3. UIURescueSquad. Isn't UIU. Spawns a small wave of greatly armed guards while the "low ranks" are turned into weak Chaos Insurgency troops. Also... doesn't exist for now due to some wack "exceptions", aka errors.

4. SCP1162. Dropping items in 173's new chamber exchanges them for random items/ammo.

5. RemoteKeycard. Exists. You should know this one. >:/

6. RespawnTimer. Shows how long it takes for your dead ass to spawn. Also... doesn't exist for now due to some wack "exceptions", aka errors.

7. ShootingInteractions. You can shoot door/elevator buttons to open them, and grenades/flashbangs/ghostlight(?) to detonate them.

8. CustomEscapes. Allows cuffed military peeps to switch sides, their ranks determine what new rank they receive. (Ex: MTF Captain => C.I Repressor)

1. Class-Ds can team up with any hostile force as long as they intend to escape to join forces(Teaming with SCPs to become C.I, teaming with foundation to become MTF). Scientists can team up with C.I and D-bois

2. Otherwise, teaming (between hostile forces) is not allowed.

1. Toxicity and mic spamming is allowed, unless you are told to stop.

2. No racism and homophobia stuff.

3. You cannot kill a disarmed target unless you know they are delaying the round.

4. Hack is permanent ban no appeal.

5. Be 13+ years old.

1. Giving yourself or anyone else an advantage using admin privilege is NOT allowed in normal game play.

2. Replace AFK players with any spectator of your choosing.("grup spawn agent/trooper/commissar [id]" for any members of GRU-P. Use "agent" as the default if you don't know)

3. Enforce the rules and don't encourage breaking them.

4. Do not crash or lag the server.