|Welcome to Queen Dove’s SCP Jungle Gym! |
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4. We want to make sure everyone has a fair, fun, spooky time in the Foundation! We hope you enjoy your stay!
5. We try to keep things chill around here, but we do expect the rules to be followed
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8. Join our Discord! (Click on Discord to open Invite)
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10. <color=#f48042>-Rules-

11. 1. Be respectful and polite to our staff, they’re people too!
12. 2. No micspam in spectator, intercom, SCP chat, or intercom. Music and soundboards are allowed in area chat as long as the content doesn’t violate any other rules
13. 3. D-Bois, Scientists, Guards, MTF, and Chaos Insurgents may surrender to each other
14. Do not shoot D-Bois or Scientists without valid reason
15. All D-Bois and Scientists MUST be given a chance to surrender and a five-second countdown before any further action is taken
16. Any surrendered class may not be shot unless they are not following reasonable orders
17. No false surrender (IE: Saying “I surrender” and then immediately killing the player you surrendered to)
18. If the player you surrendered to has died, of if you’ve been a far enough distance from them for more than thirty seconds, your surrender may be considered null-and-void at your discretion without fear of it being considered false surrender.
19. 4. Cheating WILL result in a permanent ban. Exploits CAN result in a permanent ban. (EX: Camping on the lights outside at Chaos spawn repeatedly after being warned/kicked multiple times will result in a ban.)
20. 5. No slurs or hate speech of ANY kind will be tolerated. 24-hour ban for first offence, and then a permanent ban for anyone foolish enough to do it again
21. Do not purposely delay rounds, people want to be able to play
22. 6. No ghosting/telling 939 where to attack from a call. This just ruins the atmosphere of the game.
23. No teaming between SCPs and humans is allowed, but SCPs are allowed to ignore or “spare” humans as they so choose

26. -You can hold items in 914 to upgrade them
27. -Functional SCP 012
28. -Wacky Weapons (COMING SOON!)
29. -MTF and Chaos can both detain and help D-Bois and/or Scientists escape