Treat everyone with respect. Absolutely no harassment, witch-hunting, sexism, racism, or hate speech will be tolerated.

Use common sense, and be ethical. Don't do things that would be seen as morally wrong.

Extreme toxicity is not tolerated and will result in a permanent ban. Extreme toxicity doesn't involve friendly banter.

Targeted friendly fire (groups of people all targeting one person), revenge killing (killing someone because they killed you at the start of the round) or constant friendly fire (more than once from the same player in one round) is punishable. Use the Discord #reporting channel to report violators, or the in-game report function if it is a minor offence. Evidence is encouraged, (Unlisted YT video link, Streamable, etc.) but we have advanced logging techniques if you weren't able to record evidence.

Do not meta-game, it ruins the game for others and sometimes can give you an unfair advantage. (Meta-gaming is getting information outside of the game with means such as Discord, Steam Chats, etc.)

Do not purposely delay the game by camping, teaming or any other means to delay the game. Doing so will result in being slain. Repeated camping will result in a kick or ban.

Teaming outside of your classes is not permitted - Class-D teaming with Chaos Insurgency is fine, however, an SCP teaming with a Class-D is not permitted. This rule does not apply to Scientists teaming with Class-D, unless the Scientists are with MTF or the Class-D are with the Chaos Insurgency.

Micspam is permitted on proximity chat and at a low volume in Intercom as long as it follows the rules. It is prohibited in SCP chat, Pre-round chat, Spectator chat or end-game chat. If a user is micspamming in any of these channels, mute them and report them to staff.

Staff are players too. Asking for a rank, upgrades, advantages or anything that you wouldn't normally get in-game with its own mechanics is punishable.

Sabotaging your team in any way will result in punishment, depending on how bad your record and offence is. This includes closing doors on members, turning off generators for reasons other than roleplay, and killing D-Class who are not hostile.

Staff reserve the right to punish users for things not explicitly stated in the rules.

If you need help, feel free to join our Discord: