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<size=10>the minimum age to play the server is 13

<size=15>1-. Be respectful towards others. Harassment is heavily punished.

2-. No hateful, racial or homophobic slurs, regardless of your race.
\t2.1 -. Songs that promote anything above won't be tolerated.

3-. No mic-spam. Soundboards are allowed if you are not spectating.

4-. Do not camp or try to make the round longer.

5-. Do not team with other classes.

6-. Do not grief other players on your team intentionally.
\t6.1 -. This includes closing doors on teammates.

7-. Do not abuse any exploits to gain advantage or lag the server.

8-. Any type of advertisement is not allowed

<align=center><size=20> CLARIFICATIONS

1-. You should contact moderators if you have any doubt.

2-. You can suicide if you don't like your class.

3-. Kill On Sight is allowed.

4-. Report any bugs inside our discord.

5-. Chaos are allowed to team with SCPs.

<align=center><size=10><b>SERVER OWNER