​[UK] Lewd Containment Breach
But then again not.

Welcome to the Lewd Containment Breach SCP Server!
We are a new SCP Server and would like to invite you all to join us on our journey into chaos, mic-spamming and D-Class personell bunny hopping and yelling around.

Slots: 30
Friendly Fire: ON
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1. No cheating or exploiting the game.
2. Don't be unreasonably hostile towards people (insulting ect.), that also includes racism.
2.1. It goes without saying that certain words are banned from being said (To make the place streamer friendly)
3. No random Team-Killing!
4. Cuffed D-Class and Scientists may not be shot on sight!
5. Every D-Class should have the chance to surrender them self. Same for Scientists.
6. Should a cuffed person not comply with the person who cuffed them, they may be shot.
7. Respect each others ranks!
MTF Captain -> MTF Sergeant = MTF Specialist -> MTF Private = Facility Guard
7.1. A higher ranked personell may give you an order which you have to follow!
7.2. Refusing to comply with an order is "treason" and allows to be discharged (teamkilled).
8. Playing Soundboards, Music or other sounds is allowed. Please respect should somebody ask you to stop.
9. Streaming on the server is allowed!
You can ask the Administration for a Streamer Role.

But most importantly, have fun!

Team Rules:

SCPs may team with Chaos Insurgency.
SCP-079, being a sentient A.I., may team with ANY team (e.g. Helping D-Class to escape in order for Chaos to team with the SCPs) in order to achieve it's goal.
Chaos Insurgency may team with D-Class and cuffed Scientists
MTF may team with Scientists and cuffed D-Class.
Facility Guards may team with Scientists, MTF and cuffed D-Class.
D-Class can team with Chaos Insurgency and may temporarily team with Scientists in order to escape.

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Please contact our staff team on discord with questions, issues, or suggestions.