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Shock Gaming

1. Teaming is allowed ONLY across classes with respective win conditions (i.e. the game ends if only these classes are alive). Either side may choose to attack at any time.

<color=red> 2.
An exception to rule 1 is occasional teaming between Class-D and SCPs, as Class-D can escape and become Chaos Insurgency, who can win with the SCPs (this also includes disarmed scientists). Please remember you may not team to kill other teammates, if it is only the SCP and the Class-D you must kill each other.

3. Camping in any one room for a long period of time is not allowed, especially when it keeps the game from ending.

4. Harassing and being toxic towards other players will not be tolerated (e.g. shutting doors on teammates or making fun of a player’s age).

5. Racism, racial slurs, and homophobic slurs will result in an immediate 7-day ban. This includes music and applies regardless of the player’s own ethnicity (i.e.”I can say that because I’m __”).

6. Staff manipulation of the game (admin abuse) must be approved by the server owner. If you are part of staff, please read further about this under ‘Staff Responsibilities’.

7. Cheating (hacking or abusing in-game glitches) will result in an immediate IP ban, and hacking will be followed by a global ban issued by official SCP:SL staff.

8. Holding shift to keep other players from disarming you will result in a warning first, and a temporary ban for further offenses. However, this only applies when the player is standing still or moving back and forth, not running.

9. Using an in-game glitch will result in a warning first, and a temporary ban for further offenses.

9-A. This includes Fall-exploits and kill-able areas.

10. Mic spam is only tolerated for a limited amount of time. You must expect to be muted by other players, and you also may be kicked, if necessary.

11. Ghosting (using a different program to communicate with other players who you should not be able to talk to in-game) is NOT allowed in any form.

11-A. However, you ARE allowed to mention the player if they are the last one alive.

12. You may execute any Class-D although I would recommend maybe disarming them for a sacrifice for SCP-106. (and you'll probably get karma from Chaos Insurgency lol)

12.-A Not to mention disarming exists.

Discord: https://discord.gg/cubvZh8dpP (Type this)
Server owner contact: [email protected] (any pointless emails will get blocked)


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