Skull Island💀
[Heavily Modded]

Server Rules
Rule #1: Facility Guards<b> cannot KOS <b>Class-D Personnel In Light Containment Zone, Heavy Containment Zone, or the Pocket Dimension. Facility Guards however can KOS Class-D in Entrance Zone and Surface zone.
Rule #2: Mic Spamming is allowed in Spectator Chat and in-game chat, but earraping isn't allowed at all.
Rule #3: You are not allowed to purposely avoid being a zombie. For example, killing yourself or disconnecting.
Rule #4: Politics or sensitive subjects are not allowed to be spoken
Rule #5: Sexual Behavior on the server is strictly prohibited
Rule #6: Racial Slurs, Homophobia, or any other sensitive words is prohibited
Rule #7: Drama is not allowed on the server
Rule #8: Unfair advantages are not allowed, such as autoclicking, climbing in unreachable places, using size to your advantage, abusing bugs and abusing game/plugin mechanics, etc.
Rule #9: No "griefing" obedient cuffed personnel. This includes uncuffing to shoot them, or uncuffing before escape, forcing them to die, locking them in a room, exploding them, etc. (crossfire is NOT punishable)
Rule #10: Just being annoying on purpose is prohibited. This includes toxicity.
Rule #11: No fake reports or troll reports will be tolerated.
Rule #12: You cannot camp (for example, camp HCZ checkpoint) or stall the game.
Rule #13: Do NOT use the word "snigger" or "snigga" to bypass the hard r or the soft a. Even though that word means a scornful laugh, I will NOT allow it, lol

Server Plugins
We have custom classes for each role. For example, there is a Smuggler for the Class-D, a janitor, research supervisor, interns, and roles with special abilities as well! You can get one with luck, the rarer rarity the better. More information on other plugins in this server will be in the discord.

Our Discord can be joined by clicking here! (clickable)