<size=30>Click for Discord: https://discord.gg/CsJEgwUqJY</size=15>

<size=30>Rules :</size=20>
<size=16>1. Do not hack and don't use bugs, intentionally using them will lead to a permanent ban
2. Between 24.00 and 10.00 CET, admin abuse is allowed on the server
3. Micspam is only allowed in proximity chat (Micspam = Earrape, extensive soundboard usage)
4. Must speak english, other languages are allowed
5. No Racism
6. No cuffed killing (this includes uncuffing and killing people on purpose)
7. Teamkilling is allowed ONLY IN LCZ
8. No Inappropriate Nicknames
9. Don't delay rounds extensively
10. Teaming is allowed as long as it does not delay the round
11. No False Reporting</size=15>

<size=16>1. SCP-173 explodes when killed, so don’t stand too close!
2. You can heal SCPs with many items using .heal in the console while holding the item and looking at the SCP. It will also apply the effect of the item!
3. SCPs can communicate with humans after pressing the noclip button (default is left alt) and press again to disable.</size=15>