Welcome to Kadava's Kingdom

A vanilla+ server hosted by Kadava and his community!

Server Discord

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Server Rules:
[1] Exploiting and Cheating will not be tolerated. Forms of this include but are not limited to:
a. Stream Sniping
b. Using third party methods of communication i.e. Discord
c. Reaching and abusing unintended locations in the level

[2] Do not Idle for too long, this includes locking yourself in rooms other targets cannot reach for prolonged periods of time.
a. Spawn Camping is included in this

[3] Team Sabotage is prohibited, this includes any methods of friendly fire/griefing such as:
a. Attacking fellow SCP's as 079 with Tesla
b. Continuously closing doors on team-mates
c. Disabling 079's generators as a human faction whilst
other members of your team are alive

[4] Do not Kill or Steal another players detainee (unless they're acting against given orders or the detainer has given you permission). KOS is otherwise allowed

[5] Hate speech, harassment or use of derogatory language, explicit sexual content (including discussion/roleplay), illegal acts, discussions of political topics or baiting other players to break server rules is forbidden.

[6] Soundboards are allowed in moderation. Please do not mic-spam or constantly play music.

[7] This is an English only server, please refrain from speaking in other languages.

[8] Advertising on this server is prohibited, this includes shilling your YouTube channel or Discord server.

[9] Impersonating members of staff or exposing hidden staff's tags is forbidden.

To fast track the reporting process or further help our staff team, please message @ModMail in the discord server with whatever evidence you may have of the incident taking place (preferably video clips uploaded to YouTube).

If you wish to appeal a ban, please follow the procedure presented in the Discord Server!

Server Modifications:
Auto nuke at 20 minutes
2 Second spawn protection
Extra spectator information (respawn timer +more)
Scripted event rounds ran by Moderators