Kadavas Kingdom

Join the discord here!: https://discord.gg/MhVMEp37RK

1. Exploiting/Cheating will not be tolerated.
2. Spawn camping is not allowed - e.g. waiting for chaos to spawn and nading their spawn position.
3. Do not prolong the round - waiting in nuke room and light containment is not an example of this, hiding in 049's room would be an example of prolonging.
4. Do not kill cuffed and obedient D-class/Scientists (unless you cuffed them).
5. Don't camp surface zone elevators or the escape tunnel.
6. Hatespeech is forbidden, this includes use of the gamer words.
7. Purposeful friendly fire is not tolerated (such as 079 tesla gate'ing fellow SCP's).
8. Leaving/Suiciding to prevent yourself to play as a certain SCP role (such as 049-2) is prohibited.
9. Do not streamsnipe, use third party communications (such as discord) whilst alive and playing or use any unfair meta acts to gain an advantage.
10. Please keep to English when communicating with other members of the server.
11. Soundboards are allowed, please do not spam them constantly or use them just to play music 24/7. Using copyrighted music over radio and the intercom is not allowed.

IF YOU SEE SOMEONE BREAK THE RULES, PLEASE REPORT THEM USING THE IN GAME SYSTEM AND BE READY TO PROVIDE OUR ADMIN(S) WITH SOME FORM OF EVIDENCE IF POSSIBLE. To fast track the process or further help our staff team, please message @ModMail in the discord server with whatever evidence you may have of the incident taking place (preferably video clips).

Auto nuke at 20 minutes
2 Second spawn protection
SCP Stats integration
Extra spectator information (respawn timer +more)