SCP Lockdown

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Role Rules

NTF & Facility Guards
1. Do NOT KOS D-Class unless:
- D-Class are not following your orders after giving a warning.
- Are attempting to run away from you/closing doors on you.
- You have SEEN them previously kill NTF/Guard(s). (Not Valid When Respawning)
[Try to cuff/surrender before escalating to lethal force]
2. You must disarm unarmed D-Class who are attempting to escape.
3. No teaming with SCP's or Chaos.
4. Help Scientists escape.
5. You may sabotage D-Class if in the presence of greater threat.
(i.e closing doors on them running away from SCPs)

D-Class & Scientist
1. Can KOS the each other.
2. Cannot Kill Their Own Class / Team Kill (TK).
3. Can Team With Each Other.
4. Can Hide Guns From NTF Or Chaos.
5. D-Class Can KOS NTF whilst Scientist Can KOS Chaos.
6. Scientists And D-Class Must Escape To Surface.
(Cuffed Escapees Switch Teams)

1. No Teaming with NTF, Guards, D-Class or Scientists.
2. No purposeful round extension. (i.e Camping Nuke Room)
3. Can work with Chaos in killing NTF but then must break this bond.
4. Do NOT sabotage SCP teammates. (e.g intentionally not turning SCP-079s generators off)

1. Cannot team with NTF or Scientists.
2. Can KOS Scientists and NTF.
3. Must help D-Class escape.
4. Can try force scientists to surrender & change class (cuff).
5. Can temporarily work with SCPs to kill NTF.

General Server Rules
Respect Everyone.
1. No music/mic spam over intercom/radio/Spectator/SCP chat.
2. No camping to extend round if you're the last man standing.
3. Do not cheat. Do not be degenerate. Do not be toxic.
4. If you get TK'd, do NOT TK back. Instead make a report.
5. If you suspect someone hacking or rule break, record/take screenshots and make a ticket on Discord.
6. Follow Staff decisions and rulings.
7. Use common sense and do not Impersonate Staff Members of this Server or SCP:SL.
8. Do not discriminate or harass players. Toxicity and baseless out of game accusations/rumours against other players/staff are not permitted. If you have any issues, please raise report tickets or contact senior staff/management.
Bullying & Harassment is taken very seriously here
9. Do not advertise.
10. If there are any issues when staff aren't on, please join our discord and make a ticket to get staff attention (links are above and below).
11. No NSFW, NSFL, vulgar, obscene or sexual topics, even those related, suggested and hinted at are NOT permitted. This is NOT a mature server.
12. 13+ To Play.
13. Do not impersonate any SCP:SL or Server Staff.
14. Everyone deservers respect. Behave well.
15. Follow staff directions and demands. They're here to keep the server enjoyable, safe and playable for everyone.
16. It is staff's discretion on how and what punishments handed out.
17. Do not bait others into rule breaking.
18. Do not Ghost/Metagame (Revealing in game information as a spectator to other alive players).
19. Staff reserve the right to warn and further punish a member for something not directly mentioned in these rules.
20. Do not DOX, joke about doxing or threaten to DOX anyone.

Events will be ran in server by staff occasionally. If you have event suggestions, drop by our discord and drop the suggestion!

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