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Email:[email protected]
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Hello Everyone i am glad you could join me today

Welcome to notMaples HellHole
I do hope you enjoy your time here today as i am mostly chill
Rules are as follows
1:Begging for mod or admin will result in a warn, continuing to do so will result in a kick and eventually a ban
2:Do not harass my mods they are my friends
3:No Mic Spamming Team Killing or toxicity will be allowed
4: The server is on 24/7 i wont be active all the time since i have school and neither will my admins, if you would
like to report someone for doing some shit, clip the last few mins or take screenshots and send them to my discord
if the evidence you provide is insufcient then i wont do anything about it
and 5: if you want admin or mod at all, you have to become really good friends with me

anyways have fun have fun