Pog Land
Server is located in Phoenix, Arizona (We're a US server, so English only!)

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1. Derogatory slurs of any kind are absolutely zero tolerance. Slurs in usernames will get you banned! Membership of any group does not permit you to say any slur at all in our community. (Racism, Sexism, Homophobia, and Transphobia are strictly prohibited) Fragmenting the slur or "joking" about saying it will still get you punished!

2. Advertising other SCP:SL servers is not allowed. Partnered content creators are welcome to advertise that they are live! (We think it's funny)

3. Personal attacks and toxic behavior is not allowed. Attacking other communities or groups of players is not allowed either. Perpetuating drama isn't allowed either.

4. ALL MTF (Including Facility Guards) Can NOT KOS Class-D in Light Containment Zone. They may only be killed in LCZ if they are noncompliant, armed, using SCP Items, or leading hostiles to the MTF/Guard that is near them.

5. KOS'ing of ANY detained civilian class (Class-D or Scientist) as a MTF/Guard & Chaos Insurgent is strictly prohibited. Killing accidentally in crossfire is fine.

6. Excessive team griefing is not allowed. This includes closing 3+ doors (In ONE round), blocking your teammate's bullets, and repeatedly shutting elevators on people. Undetaining a detained civilian class on your team just before escape is also team griefing. This also includes SCP-079 closing doors on teammates, killing teammates with tesla, or refusing to open a door for a teammate.

7. Teaming between anyone is allowed, except if it stalls the round or gets your teammates killed.

8. Suicide as ANY SCP is strictly prohibited. This INCLUDES SCP-049-2.

9. Stalling is against the rules. If you are the last Class-D, you must actively try to escape. Try to play for fun, you don't have to win every round. Admins may reveal your location with broadcast to prevent stalling.

10. Players that are stuck with NO possible way out of an area may be let out by a staff member after 45 seconds. If you are an SCP and you have an 079, you will not be let out. If there is a human in the room that can let you out, you will not be let out by a staff member.

11. Soundboards/Voice Changers are ONLY allowed in proximity chat. Soundboards in SCP team chat, Radio, and Intercom are NOT allowed. Loud soundboards/voice changers are not allowed AT ALL.

12. Hacking, exploiting, cheating or glitching is not allowed. All cheaters will be reported directly to Northwood Studios. Doxxing/DDOSing threats or actions will be reported to the appropriate authorities.

13. Violating Northwood's Verified Server Rules as outlined Here will result in the appropriate punishment (Including removal/demotion of Staff Members). Violating Steam's Terms Of Service will also result in the appropriate punishment (Includes being under 13 years of age without having parent's consent to play).

Plugin List:

-QOL Stuff: Held 914, Various admin tools, Welcome message, AFK Detector, Slightly more stamina
-More facility loot: HCZ Armory has C.I. ammo and SCP-127, Airdrops that spawn in with each wave, a Surface Zone armory with lots of ammo, civilian classes spawn with more loot.
-Custom Surface Zone: Small surface zone rework at Gate A.
-Silly Coins: Coins can give you random status effects or outcomes. They can be upgraded in 914 for various loot.
-Proximity Chat: 049 and 939 can press "ALT" to toggle proximity chat. Be sure to untoggle it or you can't talk to your teammates.
-FF on round end: Weapons up! At the end of a round you may kill your teammates.
-Events & Event dependencies: Various plugins that help admins do events from time to time.
-Discord Role Integration: Join our discord and link your account to get the "Discord Member" role in game.
-SCP-1162: A hole that can give you low tier loot is in the old peanut room!

Contact: thymason122 (discord) or [email protected]