Hello, welcome to Back Scratchers SCP and we hope you enjoy your time here. Please read the rules and join our discord here: https://discord.gg/9Dq8fwm8D9

1. No cross teaming of any kind! You may show a brief "mercy" before you kill someone but do not cross team. There are exceptions to these rules and they are: D-Class and Scientists/ Mtf teaming to eliminate scps or for D-Class to become Mtf, D-Class/ Chaos/ Scps to eliminate Mtf, Mtf and chaos if and only if to eliminate scps or to convert to opposite classes, chaos/ scientist to convert scientist to chaos
Teams: Mtf/ Scientists, Chaos/ D-Class, Scps
2. no funny trolling of any kind ie. closing doors and teammates repeatedly, suiciding as an scp
3. do not delay the round in any way, if you are stuck leave
4. dont be an ass, I dont care what you say but just be respectful
5. no killing d-class or scientist on sight unless they have a weapon drawn or are disobeying orders while detained.

Good Luck Have Fun
Any issues? Go to the discord, plugins list is on discord also.