DISCORD: 5dqvAh54qr



Facility Guard
Medical Department

These can be achieved after becoming a janitor. This can be achieved after 2 tests. If you haven't became janitor after 2 tests, please inform Esto or Mr bones

Class D is the first role you join as. This is how you can start being a notorious escapee or a worthy foundation member.

If you attempt escape 3 times and those have failed, you'll be spectator with overwatch enabled for around 5 minutes. If you continue escaping, it will be longer.



Take it seriously, if you are annoying ill prolong your overwatch sentence.

Compliance isn't needed, but will help you get into the foundation.

This is a roleplay server, so roleplaying is suggested. SCP's are contained, and are contained most of the time after a breach.


Have fun in the server, and good luck!