Welcome to Di Servo

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(1.) No Harrasment
(2.) No Racism
(3.) Soundpads are allowed in all chats (except spectator and lobbies), but try to not spam it.
(4.) No hacking (it's stinky)
(5.) No doxxing (pls)
(6.) No exploits
(7.) No round stalling
(8.) Do not give other players information discovered outside the game.

Teaming rules :
Chaos and SCP's = Yes
D-Class and SCP's = No
SCP's and Scientists = No
SCP'S and MTF = No
MTF and Chaos = No
Scientists and D-Class = Yes (Only when both classes are unarmed)
MTF and D-Class = So long as D-Class is cuffed
Chaos and Scientist = So long and Scientist is cuffed.

Current Plugins:
Serpents Hand
SCP 035
Respawn Timer