Cursed SL


«───────── « Rules » ─────────»

[0] Respect others.
[1] Pay attention to moderators, they are there to help.
[2] Do not team with other teams (SCPs can team with Chaos).
[3] Do not camp.
[4] Do not mic spam or bother people with the voice chat.
[5] You can put music (non ear rape and non NSFW) but if anyone asks you to stop you must stop.
[6] Do not advertise or spam anything.
[7] Contact mods whenever you need them.
[8] You must be 13 years or older.
[9] You are not allowed to kill yourself as SCPs.
[10] Do not delay the round.
[11] Do not sabotage your team.
[12] Do not stay in unreachable zones for SCPs.
[13] Do not draw anything inappropiated with decals.
[14] No hateful, racial or homophobic slurs

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Direct Contact: [email protected] or Jesus-QC#0001