Welcome to Big Guy incorporated
Have Fun and Play Fair
Basic Rules:
1. Don't be an Dick
2. Admins and Mods have the right to ban anyone at anytime for any reason
3. Don't mic spam on the intercom
4. Kos is completely allowed for D-Class unless arrested or in process of being arrested
5. Human are not allowed to team with SCPS (Except for D-class)
6. Scientists and D-Classs can team but D-class can't be salty if shot by MTF or related roles (Scientist and Guard)
7. Be respectful to any Staff Member and any other Player on the Server
8. Do not use a Soundpad on the Unicom Station. Using a Soundpad in regular VC by pressing "Q" is allowed.
9. Do not troll your Team Members by closing the Elevators or Doors while they want to go threw or use one of them.
10. Do not steal anything from your Teammates in SCP 914! Grabbing something faster from a Desk or a Locker than your teammates is allowed. Also if they opened the locker and you grabbed it first is allowed.
11. As D Class you are allowed to Team with MTF, Chaos, Scientists and Guards, when they want to. Teaming with an SCP is okay, but do not Team for the whole Round.

Use common sense and don't be a meanie

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