Welcome to SiteFunnyArea Reborn!

This is the Heavily Modified Server which only contains a pretty different experience! In this server we aim for chaos and a nice break from all the serious things. Just join and have a good time!

Discord Server:

Before playing please read our rules below!
1. No using any hacking clients, exploiting is allowed in good fun.

2. No slurs, hate speech, or any offensive behaviors (Racism, Homophobic comments/insults, Slurs, Any other offensive stuff will not be tolerated and will result in a mute or a ban.)

3. In SiteFunnyArea, all Staff Members have final say. There isn't many strict rules to follow, though all we ask for is respect that you would give to anyone else.

4. No long term teaming allowed. Though you may show mercy to enemies. (MTF/SCPs, CI/MTF.) Only Chaos Insurgency may team with the SCPs. The SCPs are allowed to show mercy if they want, same goes for other teams. (CI may show mercy on MTF, MTF same with CI.)</color>

5. If there is any mic spam, we trust that you will make your own choice to mute the person.

6. KOS is not encouraged, though killing a cuffed person is punishable.
That is really all of our rules. Hopefully you have fun!

Here is the list of plugins that are in the server!
Additonal info about plugins or changes can be found on our Discord.
- CustomRoles (custom made ones)
- CustomItems (half custom made ones)
- CommonUtils
- RedRightHand (custom-ish)
- MapEditorReborn
- SCP-294
- LCZLock
- SCP914Changes
- DoorRestartSystem
- RemoteKeycard (sort of bugged)
- EarlyRespawnUnit (custom plugin)

Also, quick credits to Moklman. A MER creator that released the Surface Map from Kognity's Playhouse. Hopefully people can continue to enjoy the map.