SCP Greenstyle
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rule 1 try not to teamkill, you will be banned.

rule 2 dont sabotage for your team. like taking suicide as scp.

rule 3 dont be toxic, or rude to the fellow players. it makes the game less fun

rule 4 dont use glitches to cheat or do anything. if you find a glitch report it.

rule 5 dont take suicide just to find out where players are to tell your friends. also considered ghosting. this makes the game less fun and annoying, so dont do this

rule 6 dont be rude to staff and staff shouldnt be rude to you either.

rule 7 dont use alts to avoid bans, you will get a longer ban.

rule 8 try not to many s*x noises. it can be annoying for other players

rule 9 dont close doors on teamates, its just annoying.

rule 10 dont play sounds, songs, earrapes. in spectator chat, radio or scp chat.
it really gets annoying

<size=13>1.respawntimer [adds a timer for when you're gonna spawn]
<size=13>2.remotekeycard [dont need to hold you're keycard]
<size=13>3.spectatorlist [shows you who's spectating you]
<size=13>4.whoaremyteamates [shows you you're teamates]
<size=13>5.RainbowLobby [colorful text in waiting lobby]