Welcome to The Plague House!

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Discord - https://discord.gg/eSU7gcBk87

- No Slurs
- Keep it casual, AKA don't Tryhard (Explained more lower down)

Server Info:
This server is new player friendly and we try to keep it casual, have a fun time and engage with the community as we have lots of friendly faces.

Server Rounds:
- Normal
- Event
- Twists
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Have Fun!

Tryharding Rules:

In The Plague House, we prefer a laid back approach to gameplay. While a bit of competition is okay, we encourage you to enjoy the game's silly and laidback nature. We offer you some loose rules to structure your gameplay around, but ask that you use common sense to avoid overly competitive behavior. You don’t always need the best loot, to escape light and the facility as fast as possible, or get into light to kill people as fast as possible. Take your time, unwind, and have some casual fun here.
If competitive gameplay is your style (an intense amount, there are acceptable amounts), we suggest finding another server better suited to that playstyle, as ours is not geared towards that overly competitive gameplay.

1. Camping SCP-914:
SCP-914 is overpowered, and there is a huge advantage to just camping within SCP-914, as you can upgrade items to get god's arsenal. In this server, we urge you to try and spend below 2 minutes in SCP-914, and to vary your gameplay by not always pursuing the most powerful items like SCP-207s, FR-MG-0, Jailbird, Particle Disruptor, etc, every round.
The exception to this rule is hiding within SCP-914 to avoid death from SCPs, but be wary of round-stalling.

2. Round-stalling and Prolonging the game:
Due to the map's grand scale, people may struggle to find the few remaining people. Therefore, it is unacceptable to camp in rooms when you're one of the last people left, or to wait minutes for a spawnwave before deciding to move. We understand you might not know if you're one of the last people, so we encourage you to not camp rooms as much as possible. If you do know, however, try to find a way to escape, and not wait out a spawnwave.
We encourage you to not do other things so long as they stall the game, such as hiding in random niche parts of the map, teaming with the opposite team, hiding behind keycard doors/gates, etc (Most of which are acceptable so long as they do not stall the game).

3. Harassment:
There is a fine line between making fun of somebody, and harassing them, which brings nobody laughter and only ruins people’s gameplay experiences. This includes the use of slurs. Do not harass people.

4. Just use common sense:
Admins are allowed to punish people for rules not stated above, so long as you exhibit overly competitive behavior that ruins the flow of the game and or the environment of the server, or you are ruining people’s fun. Use common sense