Welcome to the Izhevsk SCP:SL Server!

<#FFFFFF>This Server is hosted in southern Oregon in my house with an i5-4570 and 8GB of ram, so please be kind to it.

Right now, this server has no plugins installed, but I am looking into installing some to make the SCP:SL experience better.

The Rules

<color=#ffcf76>Violating any of the following rules will result in a warning, if the player continues, they will be kicked or banned depending on the frequency of the offence.

<size=18pt><align="left"><color="green">1.)<color=#ef0707> Cheating and Exploiting is highly frowned upon. Using exploits or cheating doesn't make the game fun for anyone else.

<size=18pt><align="left"><color="green">2.)<color=#ef0707> No explicit bullying allowed. We're all trying to have some fun around here.

<size=18pt><align="left"><color="green">3.)<color=#ef0707> Don't be a dick just because you can, treat those around you with respect. Again, we're all trying to have some fun around here.

<size=18pt><align="left"><color="green">4.-J)<color=#FFFFFF> no smurfing (lets keep the skill levels about the same)

<size=18pt><align="left"><color="green">5.-J)<#FFA500> Under no circumstances is amogus allowed. Say amogus once, you get mega ban. >:) >:)
<size=18pt><align="left"><color="green">6.-J)<color=#FFFFFF> most importantly, keep memes out of #general. >:)

<size=22pt><align="center"><color=#ef0707>Server Contact

<size=18pt><align="left"><color="green">SuS (ServerOwner) Email: [email protected] :)
<size=18pt><align="left"><color=#FFFFFF>If you choose to contact me, please add "Izhevsk SCP:SL" somewhere in the subject field. Thanks. -SuS

<align="right"> <#FFA500>Last Updated 10/16/21.