Welcome to the Uk Scp Labs!
Here we just try to play SCP Secret Lab together and sometimes even have fun!
Just note that this server will not always be taking seriously, it will be announced if there's going to be an event or not.
Anyways, even this server has rules to follow!

1. Using Hack Clients in any way is prohibited.

2. The harrasment or the usuage of racism or discriminating someone is not tolerated.

3. Do not Kill On Sight any D Class, unless they have a gun and are actually trying to shoot Facilty Guards/MTF.

4. Do not Teamkill as 079.

5. Be respectful to everyone.

6. Listen to the orders that staff are providing.

7. Do not Team. Chaos and Serpents Hand are of course allowed to team with SCPs and D Class, but MTF/Facilty Guards are not allowed to team up with Chaos or SCPs.

8. Do not shoot cuffed D Class/Scientist/MTF/Chaos/Serpents Hand.

9. Do not Earrape, using a Soundboard is fine but the use of Earrape should not be on this server.

If you'd like to, you can also join our Discord Server!