Banana's Bungalow

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Please read the rules!

[1]: No holding the round up on purpose. If you are last alive, your location will be broadcasted.

[2]: No Mic Spam/Ear-rape.
2a. No Mic Spam/Ear-rape over Intercom, Pre-game and Post-game, SCP Chat, and Radio channels
2b. No excessively loud audio (Basically anything that could be loud enough to hurt).

[3]: No KOS (Kill On Sight) of DETAINED personnel. KOS of D-Class and Scientists is allowed otherwise.

[4]: If you say you surrender as a D-Class / Scientist, you are to remain surrendered until you leave their sight for a decent amount of time (e.g 1 minute). Don't false surrender.

[5]: Any form of discrimination/harassment is not allowed. This also includes baiting with slurs, such as only saying half of the N word. No DOXing/leaking personal information.
5a. Suicide encouragement also falls under this rule, thus it is disallowed. No Extreme threats towards players.
5b. No Staff Disrespect.
5c. No usage of pedophilic remarks or jokes regarding sexual conduct with children.
5c. No Joking about Tragic Events.

[6]: Teaming goes as follows:
6a. Zombies are allowed to team with any human class as long as it does not hold up the round.
6b. SCPs and MTF are not allowed to team.
6c. MTF and Chaos are not allowed to team (They are enemies after all).
6d. SCPs are allowed to spare Civilians.
6e. SCPs are allowed to ask for information regarding locations of targets except from Military personnel.</color>
6f. Classes except MTF/Guards are allowed to bargain for freedom, such as if they are stuck. Once they are free, they must split up or fight.

[7]: Cheating/abusing exploits is not tolerated.

[8]: Don't target staff/content creators just because of who they are.

[9]: Staff have final say in all arguments. If you have a concern about an unjust punishment, you may message any Senior Admins or higher on the discord. Staff are also allowed to punish at their discretion even if a rule is not stated.
9a. No Lying To Staff. No Leaving To Avoid Punishment (LTAP). No False Usage Of the Report System. No Staff Impersonation w/o consent from said staff member.
Last updated February 17th, 2024