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1 · Don't tell information while in spectator.
Do NOT dm or tell people information about other players while you are in spectator mode,this also includes screensharing.

2 · Don't purposefully kill yourself.
Do NOT purposefully kill yourself when you are playing as something ur not happy with, This ruins the game for others.

3 · Don't camp to slow the game down.
Example: as scp waiting behind a door you cant open but people are in the room, this makes it so other players are unable to continue playing the game.

4 · SCP-096 standing infront of someone.
As SCP-096 dont stand infront of someone thats looking down, and wont look at you.

5 · No KOS "Kill On Sight"
Example: If you see D-class as MTF Cuff them, if they try to escape or don't follow orders you may Kill them

6 · No Slurs or Toxicity
Don't make fun of other players, don't be rude against them, make sure thw game is fun for everyone.