Welcome To My Server!

1) Micspam is allowed in game voice chat/It is not allowed in spectator or Pre-game lobby
2)KOS is allowed
3)Chaos Insurgency is allowed to team with the SCP team but this could be ignored by the SCPs\
4)Scientist are allowed to shoot and kill D-Class if they want and vice versa
5)SCPs are allowed to spare any personnel if they want to.
6) MTF or CI camping on the surface will not be tolerated unless the nuke is currently active.

If I or any staff see that you are breaking any of these rules it would result in a warning. If you have over three warnings, it will result with a permaban.
[Discord] https://discord.gg/dFUXNSzD

Hope you have fun on my server <3 - City~Senpai