Welcome to our community!

We're a friendly, inclusive, fast-growing community that hosts servers for not just one game, but many. We currently only host SL and Minecraft servers, but this may expand in the future. We accept all languages, which means that you can speak as you wish, but we prefer Hungarian and English regardless.

We have relatively few rules, but it's worth following them!

1, Don't be a d*ck
Be respectful, civilised, and welcoming, we don't tolerate discrimination on the server, this includes but is not limited to racism, homophobia and sexism.

2, They are not your friends anymore
Teaming is not allowed, with the exceptions to raising the chances of survival (MTF & CHAOS not included). The SCPs are not allowed to team with any other classes.

3, Chill with your ADHD
You are not allowed to mic-spam in SCP chat, spectator chat, intercom and over the radio. You are only allowed to use soundboards in proximity chat (that includes intercom) and if someone asks you to stop then stop.

4, We will skip your ads
Advertising on our server is strictly forbidden, as a reward, you will be banned immediately. The exception is if you have permission.

5, No time for picnic, you are about to die
Don't intentionally hold up the round. (Camping in rooms that nobody else can enter)

6, You have something that are called ears, use it
Listen to moderators/admins, but you can express your opinion in a civilised way, of course. (We are here to keep the server fun)

7, Deal with it
Don't deliberately kill yourself with a class you don't want to play.

8, No kinder commando allowed
Please note that you are NOT allowed to play the game if you are under the age of 13.

The Admins and Mods will Mute/Kick/Ban per discretion. If you feel mistreated dm an Admin and we will resolve the issue.

Your presence in this server implies accepting these rules, including all further changes. These changes might be done at any time without notice, it is your responsibility to check for them.

We also have a Discord server, where you can chat, talk and have fun with other players of the game! You can join our Discord by clicking this link, it will take you straight to the Discord server!


If you have joined our Discord server, you will have the opportunity to report players if they have broken a rule, and to apply for vacant positions if you meet our expectations.

In case you have to contact the Owner, his Discord is: Dr.Hannibal#0221