SCP: Hidden Facility (clickable)


Welcome to our heavily modded SCP Secret Laboratory server!
We aim to provide a fun experience for all players, whether you're a veteran, newcomer, or somewhere in between. This server is heavily modded, with 50+ plugins and growing.
If you need any assistance, please reach out to staff in our <b>Discord server for help.

Server Rules

Rule 1: You must follow the Steam Subscriber agreement, this includes being under the age of 13.
- If you are under the age of 13 you will be temporarily banned until you become 13 years old.

Rule 2: No racist, sexist, or disrespectful comments.
- This includes slurs that may come from soundboards, ensure your soundboard follows the rules before playing it.

Rule 3: Don't leak your/anyone else's personal information.

Rule 4: No toxicity. Do not be rude to others.
- Keep toxicity at a minimum, trask talk can be allowed but must be in a non rude manner. Its best that you don't be toxic at all.

Rule 5: No cheating or exploiting. Any form of unfair advantage or manipulation of game mechanics that disrupts the game for other players is strictly prohibited. Consequences for cheating or exploiting may result in warnings, temporary bans, or permanent bans, depending on the severity and frequency of the offense.
- This includes any glitches in the game, spots where the enemy team can't attack you etc.

Rule 6: Random killing is the act of killing for no valid reason and will result in punishment.
- Punishment for KOS is a warning for the first offense, followed by a ban for subsequent offenses.
- Example: Scientist killing an innocent Class-D.
- However, if a player refuses to cooperate (e.g., running or not surrendering), you may engage in self-defense.
- If your in a combat situation and theres chaos with a class d, or a scientist with MTF you may shoot said class-d/scientist.
- If a player surrenders, you must cuff them instead of killing them.
- If a player has a gun or does not surrender, you may kill them if you wish.

Rule 7: Hostage killing is never allowed.
- You can only kill hostages if they are not listening to orders, running away, not going into an elevator, and not listening in general.

Rule 8: Do not team kill, for example, 079 killing SCPs with Tesla gates.

Rule 9: No team sabotage. Intentional actions to disrupt gameplay or exploit mechanics, such as SCPs leaving after being transformed into SCP roles, are strictly prohibited. Consequences for team sabotage include warnings, temporary bans, or permanent bans, depending on the severity and frequency of the offense. Ensure a fair and enjoyable gaming experience for all players.

Rule 10: Teaming between different teams is not allowed.
- Teaming between Facility Guards and SCPs is not allowed.
- Teaming between Class-Ds and SCPs is not allowed.
For example, peacefully passing by an SCP without engaging in combat is acceptable if you are a Chaos Insurgent, but actively assisting SCPs in killing other players is not allowed.

Rule 11: NSFW roleplay/content is strictly prohibited and will result in an immediate punishment.

Rule 12: No mic spamming. This includes playing sounds that may annoy others.

Rule 13: No spamming or self-promotion (server invites, advertisements, etc.) without permission from a management member.

Rule 14: Staff members have the final say.
- If you feel a infraction against you is unjust, you can make a ticket in the discord server.

Rule 15: If you witness any rule violations, please report them to the staff.
- In order to report someone, you can press the report icon next to the player in the playerlist, or more preferably make a ticket in the discord server.