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Server Rules

This is a heavily modded server, we focus on creating a fun experience for all players.
For both veterans, newcomers, and those in between.
If you need any assistance please contact the discord server for help.

Rule 1: No racist, sexist, or disrespectful comments.

Rule 2: Don't leak your/anyone else's personal information.

Rule 3: No mic spamming, this includes playing sounds that may annoy others.

Rule 4: No toxicity, don't be rude to others.

Rule 5: No spam or self-promotion (server invites, advertisements, etc) without permission from a staff member.

Rule 6: NSFW roleplay is never allowed and will lead to an immediate ban.

Rule 7: Random killing is the act of killing for no valid reason and will result in punishment.

-Example: Scientist killing innocent Class-D.
- However if a player refuses to cooperate you may shoot them: running, not surrendering, etc..

Rule 8: Hostage killing is never allowed.

Rule 9: Do not team kill, example is 079 killing SCP with tesla gate.

Rule 10: Staff members have the final say.
- If a player surrenders, then you must cuff them and not kill them.
- If a player has a gun or doesn't surrender, then you may kill them if you wish.

Rule 11: If you see something against the rules, let staff know.