Hello & Welcome to the server! If there is anything wrong feel free to contact me with the following:
Email: [email protected] or with discord: Remi#0696 Or join our discord server!

Discord server: Click here to join our Discord server <--- Join the community

These are our rules:
- Do NOT Teamkill! This can result in a ban! (Shooting a cuffed D-Boy as NTF is considered Team-killing)
- Don't be a camper. Unless you are stuck because a SCP is in front of your door.
- Don't be toxic. ( This rule is based on common sense. Don't be rude to anyone.)
- Have respect for each other.
- No advertising for other community's / yourself. This includes your username. Do not use a weblink as name.
- Don't ague with Staff In-game. If there is something you want to talk about with Staff members, please create a ticket using
our discord server
- Do not use your microphone to be disruptive. this includes using soundpads to play songs etcetera.
- don't crossteam, for excample: Guard with SCP or chaos and MTF.
( Chaos insurgency could work together with the SCP's if there are No D-Boys alive.)
- No Meta gaming! ( Using information that you did not get from in-game. For example: Discord)
- Dutch & English are the only languages allowed on this server!
Have fun on the server and good luck!

Our SCP:SL server has quite some plugins to offer. It might not be alot, but some of them can change the entire gameplay. But
what plugins do we have to offer? And what do these plugins change?

We all know how the original "dog" works, however, this plugin buffs the dog. First of all, the dog's model is smaller. It's
harder to hit the dog and a dog can hide more easily. Besides that, the dog deals less damage but runs faster than the
human players. However, after the dog has bit someone, he (or she) will slow down for a short period of time, allowing
the humans to get away and not get chain-hit by the dog. They also have an additional feature, which makes
the dog deal more damage, the more damage they have taken (for a short period of time), which does in fact mean they can
eventually one shot a MTF commander.

This plugins doesn't happen too often, but when it does it could possibly cause some chaos between the scientists
and D-class. This plugin will sometimes spawn a big "Larry hole" in light containment. You can fall in this hole,
and you will end up in the pocket dimension. You better get out, or you might die.
(falling in this hole doesn't take 40 HP like when Larry grabs you, but the HP drain is still active)

This plugin is pretty simple. When all SCP's but computer/pc (079) are dead, 079 will turn in a random SCP with half HP,
instead of dying instantly. For example, a team of 173, 106 and 079, 173 got slaughtered by MTF, 106 got recontained,
it would normally mean 079 dies within a minute. However,
they will now become (for example) a doctor (049) with 850 HP instead of 1700.
Pretty simple too. You don't need to hold a keycard in your hand to open doors, when its in your inventory,
you will be able to open everything that card has access to.
(This does not count for the detonation button for the warhead on surface, you still need to hold the card for that)
You died. Now it's randomly hoping that you're spawning. However, this plugin changes that.
You will see how long it will take for the next spawn wave,
and in the last few seconds you will know what you are going to spawn as.
You can also see how many other people are spectating with you.
This SCP will make the lights turn off at random times in the facility. A wild card for 173.
It surely can change the game for all other SCP's, too!
However, if you don't stand in the light/have a flashlight equipped you will slowly receive damage.
This will not be deadly if you are between 50 - 150 hp.
However if you're below 30/40 hp, you might want to look for a flashlight or healing items.

This plugin might turn you into a spy for the SCP's! But how does it work? A random item will spawn somewhere.
This can be almost anything and everywhere. From dead bodies with loot to lockers.
From adrenaline shots to coins to even a micro. A few examples:
It could be a random medkit between the loot of someone who died.
It could be a micro in a locker in light containment or entrance zone (easily to avoid that one)
Or maybe, it's a piece of ammo in the heavy armory..
This scp object can be a big troll, like in the first or last example. But most of the times it's easily recognizable.
But how do u recognize it in most scenarios? Well, it most likely is an unusual item that shouldn't be there.
If you see a random grenade on the floor in GR18, that would mean it's "unusual" and you shouldn't pick it up.
But it can be a random item between dead bodies too, and that one trolls alot of people.
But now, what happens if you pick it up? Basicly, you die (unless no one else is already dead).
You will die and a random spectator will be the class you were when you picked 035 up.
Spectators can't see they're SCP-035 so there might be some chaos about someone who is "teamkilling",
while they actually ain't teamkilling at all. Now that you are SCP-035, what to do?
Get a gun (unless the person before you already had one) and kill everyone. You now have more HP than
the average human so you can take some shots. and you can heal the extra health you got back with medkits
or any other healing at your disposal. You're part of the SCP's, but you cant hear their voicechat.
People in game will know that you're 035 since it will say above your name. So you gotta act quick with MTF and CI.

This is one of the 2 new classes we have to offer. As SH, you help the SCP's killing everyone who opposes them. As SH,
you spawn as a tutorial next to the gate A elevator. You will have the same gear as Chaos Insurgency,
but instead of the logicer you will have a P90. There can spawn a maximum of 8 SH, and SH will spawn 1 time at max per game.
SH will have more HP than the average human, but you will still die quickly to a good MTF with an epsilon.
A SH spawn will cost CI spawn tickets. Who do you work with? SCP's. Everything else has to be eliminated.

The UIU (unusual incidents unit) is a form of MTF, with an insane amount of HP.
The UIU will have subclasses like normal MTF, however, all of these classes will spawn with the same gear.
The weapons you get are a P90 and a USP. Goal: Eliminate all SCP's and CI, help (cuffed) D-class escape and
get the scientists out (like normal MTF)