1) Be respectful to others. Jokes are fine just as long they aren't hurting or offending anyone. If someone says they aren't cool with a joke and you continue that isn't allowed. Just use common sense.
2) Greifing is not allowed (such as team grief or closing doors on teammates)
3) Don't mass team kill (or TK without reason)
- 3 TK's in one life will result in you being killed and is considered a warning
- 6 TK's in one game will result in a 20hr ban
- 2 team kills after spawning in will result in a 7 day ban (don't throw grenades in the elevator)
- You can be banned for doing less though, staff discretion applies here. funnies are fine though
- DON'T TRY TO TK TEAMKILLERS, it will only result in you being banned on accident
4) Teaming is fine as long as it isn't considered greifing or delaying the round
5) Soundboards are fine, just no ear-rape over intercom or in spectator chat (although if staff asks you to turn it down or to stop, stop)
6) Don't hack, cheat, threaten to ddos or dox, etc. etc.
7) Don't delay the round
- Examples being don't camp in rooms when you know you are the last one alive or camp in rooms just to not die
8) Follow the steam EULA
9) Have fun
Ban Appeals and Player Reports
1) Player reports can be submitted in game by hitting "n" and submitting a report, if any teamkilling/griefing happens send these here, or tell a staff member
2) Ban appeals can be sent in the #ban-appeals channel.
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Make sure to give yourself the Scp role in #notification-roles!
Player and Staff abuse reports can be sent in #player-reports
Common Utils (Gives 049 speech with "V," along with other things)
Respawn Timer
Wait and Chill Reborn
General Info
914 upgrades any items in your hand or dropped
914 on rough gives you a 50/50 chance of teleporting to D-class spawn or dying, and a 100% chance to teleport for SCP's