[CA/US-East] Kognity's Playhouse [FF OFF] Streamer Safe!

Server Location:<color=red>Toronto

Invite: https://discord.gg/GTMCJcP (click the link)

How to setup your binds
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l_90tRPR5E8 (click the link)

Basic Server Rules
<color=#FFFFFF>1.Be a Decent Human Being (blanket term)
1a.No slurs, "isms" (eg. Racism, Sexism etc) and derogatory/pejorative terms. Strictly 0 tolerance, severe punishments are to be expected.
1b.No Harassment towards an individual or groups of individuals
1c.No Targetting towards an individual or groups of individuals
1d.No Being Toxic/Obnoxious
1e.No Finding ways to evade or play around the rules (it will be treated equal to as if you've broken the original rule itself)
2.No Advertising, except for having "TTV" or similar for your Twitch
3.English Only
4.No Cheating/Exploiting

Gameplay Rules
<color=#FFFFFF>1.No teaming/passive between Guard/MTF and Chaos, unless they are fighting an SCP in which case it would be a temporary truce OR one of them wishes to be detained.
2.No passive/teaming between Guard/MTF and SCP.
3.No Team Killing (includes Tesla-ing an SCP as 079).
4.No killing of ANY detained/cuffed individuals who are following orders.
5.No micspam allowed in Radio, Spectator Chat, SCP Chat or Intercom. The only place allowed is in proximity chat (when you're alive), and at the start and end of rounds.
6.No abusing of 939's smaller size.
7.Camping/Stalling the game is not allowed.
8.No closing doors/elevators/gates on teammates.
9.No uncuffing a detained individual before they escape.
10.No uncuffing a detained individual with the sole purpose of killing them.
11.No Team Sabotage
12.No trolling with NTF Engineer Teleporters

Custom Plugins/Gameplay Changes
(For a complete list of information related to all the custom plugins and gameplay settings join the discord server!)

1.Latejoin: If you join within the first 3 minutes of the game starting you will be spawned in with these chances
- 50% Class D
- 30% Scientist
- 20% Guard
2.939 has a smaller size, faster and deals more damage the more damage they absorb.
3.Maximum of 7 SCPs will spawn
4.Teslas will not trigger with Scientists, Guards/NTF and detained individuals
5.Detaining Guard/MTF will and letting them escape will convert them to Chaos and Chaos to NTF Lieutenant conversely.
6.There are no spawn tickets
7.There is no sprint bar but humans will walk at a slower speed (Mega Patch 2 Speed [Before sprint was introduced])

Custom <color=#52ACF7>MTF Classes</color>
- NTF Demoman
- NTF Medic
- NTF Scout
- NTF Heavy
- NTF Engineer
- NTF Containment Specialist
- Guard Manager
- Senior Guard
- Last Resort

Custom <color=#008000>Chaos Classes</color>
- Chaos Commander
- Chaos Demolitions Expert
- Chaos Heavy
- Chaos Exterminator
- Chaos Hunter

Custom Starting Classes
- Major Scientist Jr.
- Guard Manager
- Senior Guard

- Class D Chad

<size=20>Things to note</size>
<color=#FFFFFF>1.In general if staff tell you to not do something, you should stop.
2.Staff reserve the right to issue punishments for actions deemed against the rules even if they are not explicitly stated above.
3.All in all, the rules are meant to serve as guidelines of non-tolerated behavior, it is your responsibility to read the rules and follow them.
4.Staff are always allowed to ban if someone is being a general ass (breaking rule #1)
5.As Chaos you **CAN** make scientists on your side by detaining them, recomended since Logicer is much more powerful than NTF Rifle in close range
6.Detaining Class D or Scientists aren't required but encouraged, makes the game more fun for everyone.
7.Detained personnel will NOT trigger tesla gates.
8.Class D can spawn with a Coin which can be upgraded to a Janitor Card with "Fine" in 914 or put in "Very Fine" to play your luck for a better item.

Get the most updated plugin list and rules join the discord (click-able link above!)