Site [REDACTED] is a wonderful new server with a bunch of mods to ensure a fun stay - all the mods we have inside our server are based on improving the gameplay and making it generally more enjoyable! If you'd like to know more information about the server, contact us, or anything else - make sure to join our discord server!

Ensure you look out for those pestering SCP's - they do bite...

Discord Server (Click the text to open the link)

Are you enjoying your time here? Well if so, make sure to join our discord server for updates and more information on our wonderful server!


1. Racism is not tolerated inside of this server
2. Swearing is permitted but please don't do it excessively
3. Steam's ToS must be abided by
4. Advertising is not allowed within the server
5. Please limit microphone spam - it's allowed but don't do it excessively
6. Teaming between SCP's and *insert faction here* is not permitted (excluding the obvious, such at Chaos)
7. NSFW content is not tolerated inside of this server
8. Please keep your Steam Username SFW - memes are allowed
9. Exploiting loopholes is never allowed
10. Sabotaging your teamm mates is not permitted, however is understandable when unintentional
11. Class Evasion is not permitted if you are an SCP class (or other major faction) - do not leave for the sake of avoiding being a certain class
12. Most importantly - have fun!

If you'd formally like to speak to the server owner, please get in contact via the discord server or the server's email ([email protected]).