Our Discord Server (clickable) (https://discord.gg/WjKPrTUKBP)

Rule #1 Don't cheat

Rule #2 Don't intentionally hold up the game by hiding behind locked doors/surface or by teaming
- You get one spawn wave to leave your locked room/surface when last alive

Rule #3 Don't kill cuffed ClassD or Scientists (unless not following orders or they are holding the game up by being alive)
- Don't uncuff then kill if they are complying
- Don't uncuff troll near the escape (Don't uncuff someone as they are running to the escape forcing others to shoot him)

Rule #4 Don't sabotage your team (unless you plan to switch teams in that same life)

Rule #5 No harassment
- Do not use racial/homophobic slurs

Rule #6 To use a soundboard it can't
- Be too loud
- Spam slurs
- Be used a lot over the radio, intercom, spec chat, and lobby chat

It is up to staff members if they want to give you a verbal warning or kick you. You will be banned for one day after the warning if you break another rule. You will be banned for a week if you keep breaking rules. Perma ban if you keep breaking rules.

Chaos and MTF can swap teams if detained by the opposite team
Respawn Timer
Proxy chat for Scp049, Scp049-2, Scp939 by pressing left alt (noclip keybind)
Pink Candy