Our Discord Server (clickable) (https://discord.gg/WjKPrTUKBP)

If anything is going wrong with the server join the discord server and let me know

Rule #1 You can say whatever you want unless it is spreading info about acquiring cheats

Rule #2 Don't cheat

Rule #3 Don't hold up the round by hiding in a locked room or teaming while being last alive

Rule #4 Don't kill cuffed Class-D or Scientists (unless not following orders or they are holding the game up by being alive)
- You can KOS uncuffed Class-D or Scientists

Rule #5 You can team as long as you're not teaming against your team (unless you plan to switch teams) or if it's holding up the round

Rule #6 No harassment

Rule #7 You must be 13 or older to play on this server

You will be muted if you spam a soundboard

Please report any admins abusing their powers or anyone breaking the rules using the in-game report button

Mr Monkey#0259 <--this is my discord profile