Our Discord Server (clickable) (https://discord.gg/WjKPrTUKBP)

Rule #1 Don't cheat

Rule #2 Don't intentionally hold up the game by hiding behind locked doors/surface or by teaming
- You get one spawn wave to leave your locked room/surface when last alive

Rule #3 Don't kill cuffed players (unless not following orders or they are holding the game up by being alive)
- You can KOS uncuffed Class-D or Scientists
- Don't uncuff then kill if they are complying

Rule #4 Don't sabotage your team (unless you plan to switch teams in that same life)

Rule #5 No harassment
- You will be server muted if you keep rejoining to unmute yourself
- Do not call other players slurs

Chaos and MTF can swap teams if detained by the opposite team
Respawn Timer
Minor coin upgrades