Welcome Welcome my friends to our...."Little Hideout" which is 100% safe and you are absolutely not in danger (if your an scp) *cough cough* i mean uh if your one of our wonderful guests or our hardworking staff the rules here are as follows

1. Respect everyone in the game at all times(No racism/bullying/being a dick) or screaming like a child

2. Admins have the last say

3. we are a group of streamers so we will not tolerate stream sniping it WILL lead to an instant ban

4. no asking for admin....seriously u wont get it if u ask don't bother trying

5.Staff disrespect will not be tolerated. We are here to keep the server stable and toxicity free. If you feel a staff member is being unfair or abusive, take it to one of the owner

6.Use your common sense. Just because there is not a rule about an offense does not mean disciplinary actions cannot be taken

with all that in mind feel free to join our discord server where we can keep u posted about events and the such and most importantly have fun