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1. Soundboard is only allowed in proximity chat (<color=#47b6ff>EVEN in the SCP proxy chat).</color>
<size=10> That means no soundboard in spectator, the SCP chat, at roundstart, radio or intercom.

2. Teaming is allowed as long as it doesn't stall the round.
Of course, you may team if it benefits both teams.

3. Discrimination (racism, sexism etc.) in any form is not allowed.
Pedophily and other inappropriate behavior will also be treated like this.

4. The intentional abuse of bugs/glitches is not allowed.
That includes standing somewhere where other players can't reach you, glitching out of the map and similar.

5. General toxic behavior is not allowed.
Insults are not concidered toxic as long as it is not too excessive.

6. Don't abuse the report system.
Spam-Sending fake reports should not happen in general.

7. Item stealing in 914 is not allowed.
That also means no stealing from opposite teams.

8. The impersonation of staff is not allowed.
Pretending to be a famous person shouldn't be done, too.