Welcome to Barbers Chaotic Facility!
Scientist Speedrun - Be the first one to escape the facility! (No SCPs)
Warhead Run - Escape the facility before detonation! (Everyone is 173)
H&S - It's a classic game of hide and seek! One person starts as 173. When they find someone, they also become 173. Last alive wins.
H&S: Dog Edition - H&S But instead of 173s it's 939s.
Bounty Hunter - MTF Keep spawning until both SCP targets are dead. SCPs will choose which SCP they play as.
The Pestilence Is Here - One person starts as 049. Whenever they kill someone, they become 049 too. Last one alive wins.
Infection - Run for your lives! Everybody is a scientist except for one who is 049! Can you escape the facility before the infection gets to you?
Secure. Contain. Protect - It's a massive team deathmatch! Chaos VS MTF on surface.
A visit to Uncle Larrys - All the SCPs are 106.
Who left armory open?! - All SCPs have a shotgun.

-- RULES --
1: No Racism, Sexism, etc.
2: Swear and be toxic all you want, we don't care lmao
3: No Hacking/Exploiting
4: No team killing/sabotage. Locking someone of the same team in a room doesn't count (unless it's 079 locking an SCP in a room)
5: Any loopholes to these rules are still bannable.